Who am I?

I won’t try to impress you with some garbage of why you should listen to anything I say. I’m a simple man. Nobody special. Just an average man seeking truth. I don’t claim to have an IQ of 160. Nor do I pretend to have all the answers.

One thing is certain, we cannot trust those in control. Those in power have been lying to us since day one. They hate God and everything He stands for. These servants of Satan do the very opposite of what the Bible commands of us. They hate Him, His son Jesus Christ and anyone of the Christian faith.

These scumbags control everything we see, read and hear. They own the mass majority of newspapers, magazines, radio stations/shows and television channels. These Satanic creatures run Hollywood, all major news outlets and the music we listen to. They poison our food, water and minds.

Race, creed and religion mean nothing to these devils. They want to destroy and enslave us all. They are the cause of all wars, hatred and greed in the world. They push the ungodly such as homosexuality, abortion and the idea of a one world government. Satan is the prince of the world and they are his puppets.

This blog will bring truth to you. Don’t believe what you’ve been told. Turn that television off. Turn that radio off. Throw that newspaper away. Learn to think for yourself. Open your heart for God and seek the truth. You have been misled since birth.