NASA – never went to the moon!


Cam Newton is a fag

One of the most popular NFL players currently is Cam Newton. He was a standout in college while playing at Auburn, whom he led to a BCS National Title. His NFL career has also been great to this point, as he won the NFL’s MVP Award in 2015 while taking the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl. Newton has made three Pro Bowls and is rewriting the rushing touchdown record books for quarterbacks.

Like most in the spotlight, there’s a reason for that. Newton is clearly a homosexual. The servants who run our world love to push the gay/transgender lifestyle. This is getting more common, as the Bruce Jenner hoax started the trend. Most brainwashed people don’t see how Newton fits in. Yet, they have shoved his faggorty right in our face.

Take a look at this. Are you kidding me? He looks like he is trying out for “Brokeback Mountain 2”. This couldn’t be more gay if he was lined up in front of some glory holes. Women shoes, tons of jewelry and women skinny jeans – and this doesn’t scream queer?

We have heard of the “down low” gay sex within the African-American church. Here we see the “down low” of the NFL. I workout, but never once have I thought about posing like this with another man. I don’t even like to use public showers at the gym. Newton seems happy to act gay and be photographed while doing so.

They say to be famous in Hollywood, one must dress like a woman sometime during their career. We’ve seen this with Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Martin Lawrence, Dustin Hoffman, Jim Carrey and Tyler Perry to name a few. Apparently this has carried over to the NFL. Out of all the people dressed up, Newton appears to be the only male dressed like a woman. Need I say more?